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Promoting the Morgan Horse

    • The North Central Morgan Association is a club dedicated to the Morgan horse through sponsorship and promotion of private, public and social activities fostering good horsemanship, pride in ownership and enjoyment of Morgan horses.

      Our club participates in Morgan breed horse shows, horse fairs, trail rides, eventing, rodeos and other horse-related events.  Members have opportunities to Breed Promotion, High Point, Futurity and Youth Programs, Awards, Resource Directory and an E-Newsletter!  

      We also offer our own AMHA rated horse show, the North Star Morgan Americana!

      We are based in Minneapolis & St. Paul while representing members from Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa. We are widely recognized throughout the region and have won numerous awards from the American Morgan Horse Association as an AMHA Club of the Year and Newsletter of the Year!

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High Point Program

Welcome to the program that rewards you!


The High Point Program in a Nutshell

For NCMA members who have not participated in high point, here is a brief description of the program. You may have seen the High Point Registration on the membership form and wondered what it was all about. What follows are the” high points” of High Point. For a complete description, the High Point Rules spell out all the details and they can be accessed on the NCMA website.

The first requirement to participate is to register for high point on the membership form. If you have sent in a membership form without high point registrations, you can send in a form later with the registrations you want to make. This includes, but does not require, a list of the horses’ names you wish to nominate. Each horse must be a registered Morgan. If you do not specify a horse’s name, then the Hard-working High Point Committee will collect the points for any horse you own and show, and place the one with the most points in competition for the awards. Clearly, a specific horse’s name is helpful; however, if you are showing several horses and don’t know which one will be most successful, you don’t have to commit to a specific horse at the beginning of the season. To register for the Equitation division, the riders to be nominated must be named on the nomination form. Calculate the amount due by multiplying the required fee by the number of nominations and write your check. Send it in and you are registered!

Once you have registered and paid the fee, all you have to do is show your horse! The Hard-working High Point Committee will total all the points from all NCMA and Tri-State approved shows from Equitation classes, Ranch Horse classes, Academy classes and In Hand classes, as well as Performance classes.

The Performance classes are separated into six categories: English Pleasure, Hunter Pleasure, Western Pleasure, Pleasure Driving, Classic Pleasure, and Park Horse. Each of these is divided again into different award categories. For example, English Pleasure classes will be counted separately for Open, Amateur, Junior Horse, Junior Exhibitor, Ladies, Gentlemen and Walk/Trot classes. There are potentially seven English Pleasure High Point Awards. The same categories apply to Western Pleasure and Hunter Pleasure. Pleasure Driving has five awards: Open, Junior Horse, Amateur/Junior Exhibitor, Ladies and Gentlemen. Classic Pleasure has three awards; Classic Pleasure Saddle, Driving and Junior Exhibitor. The Park Horse division has two awards: Saddle and Harness.


There are also High Point awards for Trail Rides, Open Competition, and Member Promotion. These awards require the owner to send in their own points. There is a form provided on the website to do this. A form must be mailed to the Hard-Working High Point Committee for each of these events. On the form you are asked for the name of the show, the name of the class, the number of entries in the class, and your place. Also if you go to a show not NCMA or Tri-State approved, points earned there may count, but you have to fill out the form and mail it in so we will know about it. Also, if you show in the Sport Horse Division, we need you to send in your points. The Sport Horse Division includes dressage, hunter/jumper events and carriage events.

Your horse may win an award for any division where you have collected more points during the show season than any other entry. The horse must have shown in at least two shows, so even if your horse won all the classes of a division at one show, he won’t be eligible for an award unless you show that horse at another show in that division. The awards are presented at the year-end NCMA banquet. The winners take home a cool award to remind them of their success during the show season.


NCMA High Point Rules 2017

NCMA High Point Form 2017

NCMA Trail Riding Log 2017


If you have further questions or need something mailed to you just give Harriet Goodpaster a call  651-260-1059           Harriet pic

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